Low Carbon Footprint

Possibly the "Lowest Carbon Footprint" shoes on earth



Dromedaris Mission Statement
Dromedaris is committed to produce footwear that is made with the lowest possible “Carbon Footprint”, using the most eco-friendly components. All materials used in our collections are produced and assembled within a radius of about 120 miles.

Fashion appeal, workmanship and reliability in our products have to be at the highest levels, making sure that manufacturing is done in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Low Carbon Footprint

With today’s globalization, footwear is being produced worldwide, and shipped around the globe leaving a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide contaminating our environment when transporting the product.

At the same time, raw materials and components to produce shoes are also shipped over enormous distances, adding to the already increasing problem of global warming.

In many cases, raw materials, components and finished footwear are being shipped thousands of miles to reach their destinations, leaving behind a massive “Carbon Footprint”.

Dromedaris has made it its mission to become a leader in manufacturing footwear with the lowest possible “Carbon Footprint” by sourcing raw materials and components that are all made and assembled in a small geographical radius, and by using the shortest possible route for transporting the finished product.

Twenty years ago, we have started to produce shoes in Portugal, where all major components such as the naturally tanned leathers, the outsoles, and most of the components, are manufactured and assembled within a 120 mile radius.

The ocean transit time for the finished product for the USA is a mere 14 days, from the harbor of Porto to Boston.

This and the fact that we are using only eco-friendly materials in our shoes, is called “Low Carbon Footprint”.

With our commitment we hope to set an example of how we can contribute to help saving our planet and look forward to a healthier environment.

“Dromedaris – The way it should be done”